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Beef jerky nutrition facts:

  • Rucksnacks is a high protein snacks with only 89 calories per serving.
  • Rucksnacks has no added sugar.
  • Rucksnacks is gluten free and has no allergens.
  • We do not use any "bad stuff" - so no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • Rucksnacks is not high in salt, in fact each serving only contains 6% of your recommended intake of salt.
  • Only the best and leanest 100% Irish beef is used in our snacks.
  • We only use grass fed beef, which is widely known to be more beneficial as it produces:
  1. Leaner and lower fat beef
  2. Higher in Vitamins and higher in omega 3s

Nutritional information for cracked black pepper beef bites:

Some other key information about our all natural beef jerky and beef biltong snacks:

  • This is an ideal snack or addition to a meal, check out our recipes for inspiration.
  • Protein is important for recovery and muscle repair. Whether you're a busy parent, rushing enterpreneur or gym-goer, Rucksnacks is the perfect natural healthy snack.
  • Rucksnacks is also Paleo friendly with no gluten, dairy and made using our exclusive 3 step process: add our seasoning mix, air dry and slice.
  • Our natural jerky and biltong pouches are 30g in size and perfect for snacking on the go - get the best online beef jerky here.